How to Wear Black Clothes All Summer

With the European summer approaching us, it is inevitable our wardrobe of blackness will be questioned for its lack of practicality and relevance. It seems the windows of shops all of a sudden turn into a frenzy of floral, pastels and hats… all kinds of hats. Your favourite black bomber jacket doesn’t seem to match all the short-sleeved arms and exposed legs people seem to embrace when the sun performs her seasonal appearance. And let’s be honest, while everyone excitingly whips out their bikinis and short shorts, a part of you can’t help but dread the sweaty few months to come. So how can you continue to wear black without looking like a mormon?

Get the Scandinavian look

While it can hit minus double digits in the northern parts of the world, we can learn a thing or two from them when it comes to wearing black in the warmer months of the year. Or month. Either way, the Swedes, Finnish, Danish and Norwegians are notorious for wearing black and here are some summer tips we’ve ironically borrowed from them.

  • Lighten up your black wardrobe with breezy organic fabrics like cotton, chiffon and linen. Non-breathable materials like polyester and wool are a no-no unless you’re going for the ‘just hopped out of the sauna’ look.
  • Drapey, loose lines will instantly make your black outfit look less heavy especially if it’s made from airy materials. You can still wear your staple black t-shirt as long as it’s oversized and not skin-tight.
  • Accessories made from natural textures like wood and leather will give your black attire the illusion that it’s summery and ‘totally cute.’
  • And finally, dare I say, dabble in another shade. A little monochrome black-and-white is allowed in the perspiring months of the year.

And for all of you who are still sceptical of the practicality of wearing black in summer. I leave you with this:

A man stood in the desert for 30 minutes, facing the sun four times, once in a black robe, once in a white one, once in an Army uniform and once half-naked. The results were surprising, they found that the man was equally cool irrespective of the colour of his robe. It worked like a chimney, because the air is hotter underneath the black robe, it rises more quickly up and out of the loose robe and, by convection, is replaced by the cooler air beneath it.


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  1. Incredible. As a fellow blogger who only wears black I can relate to this whole heartedly. Black is the best way of life and do not let anyone tell you differently! There is never a wrong time to wear black. Currently in the process of writing a piece of how to incorporate leather into every outfit for any occasion,so keep an eye out!



    1. I agree! It’s just funny when people automatically label you a goth because of the colour of your clothes. Still wearing black all summer 🙂


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